Sercy Lane looks good on you!

About Us

Hi! We are the new owners of Sercy Lane! Jodie Schindler bought the store from Lauren and Katie on January 1st this year but has worked here since shortly after they opened in 2017. She is married to Mr. Steve Schindler and has three daughters and three sweet grand babies who call her “JoJo”. She has always loved babies and children and especially seeing them all dressed up in classic children’s clothing. Everyone who has visited our store know how great she is at interacting and helping moms and dad find just the right outfit for their little ones. When asked why she decided to buy the store she said, “I want to have a place for local customers as well as online shoppers to find traditional and classic style clothes for their babies and children, no matter their budget.”

We are so grateful to Lauren and Katie for all of the hard work they have poured into Sercy Lane, and for their guidance and encouragement throughout the transition period. Their dedication over the last 3.5 years has grown our store to what it is today. We are excited to continue whaat they started in this next chapter and have big plans for the future!

If ever in the Lake Charles area, please stop by and visit our beautiful store!

Sercy Lane is located at 1301 E McNeese St Suite 105, Lake Charles. For more information, call (337) 564-6748 or find them on social media, @sercylane


Story behind the name…

People always ask us (Lauren & Katie) where the name “Sercy Lane” came from. 

We grew up down the street from each other and are more like sisters than friends and business partners. We wanted our store to have a special meaning representative of our childhood. The word “sercy” means “an unexpected gift” in French. Our logo depicts the two of us swinging under an oak tree as kids. While praying over our vision for our store, God showed us an image of our kids playing under the same oak tree and Him watching over all of us. Our friendship, and the friendship our kids share is such a special gift to us…hence the name, “Sercy” Lane!